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Digital Content Consultations, for Free!

For the rest of the month of June I'm offering free content consultations for your website, your last month's social media, and even your blog content!

As a new business owner I'm always looking for new customers, but I'm also committed to using the knowledge and skills I have to help small businesses do better. There's a lot of you out there who are hustling every day, cranking out content and using all of the right tools. A professional's outside opinion can often give you the nudge you need to take it to the next level.

My consultations are pretty simple. I'll look at all of the content you currently offer before meeting with you, then we'll talk (in person or over the phone) and discuss some of the questions I ask every customer:

- Who is your current customer base?

- What customers do you want, but can't seem to connect to?

- How was your company started?

- What's important to your company as a community?

After our meeting I'll send you a document that targets all of the things you're doing well and explains what you could be doing better.

No commitment. Just a conversation. Click the contact link at the top of the page to request your FREE consultation!

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