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New Year's Resolutions for Your Business

New Year's Resolution Meme

Resolutions are embarrassing to me. Mostly because I record them in a written record somewhere and am reminded of my failure to achieve them at some point not too far down the road. I’ve never been one to set resolutions for losing weight or exercising, but instead I often begin the year planning to read a lot of books or watch less television.

Then I make the same plan the following year.

When I launched Cool Spring Creative in May I promised myself that I’d be a great example to my customers when it comes to web and social media content. Everyone wants to follow a leader who practices what they preach, right? I failed.

I have no trouble fulfilling my promises to someone else. Since starting this company I’ve written regular blog content for some customers, social media content for others, and re-written web content for many others. But I’ve done a terrible job writing content for my own company.

Yup. I’m a content-creation company that doesn’t have time to create my own content.

I’m glad my time is going to my customers. It proves that the model and trajectory of this business was the right one, and I’m happy to be busy with many customers in many different industries. But it might just be time to make a resolution to do my own content better.

Making your own business a priority is difficult, and it’s something that most of us put on the back burner. Why put in the extra hours when there isn’t an immediate ROI? I talk to business owners about this all the time. We know what we have to do, but often it’s the self care that falls by the wayside.

How will you put your business first this year? What will you do to keep it healthy?

I started this company because too many business owners and managers don’t have the time to create good content for themselves, and hiring a full-time employee is too expensive.

Cool Spring Creative exists to give you professional content creation at part-time prices.

What do you need to do better in the new year? Is your social media on the level you want it to be? Is your content drawing the right type of prospects back to your website where they can become customers? And once they get to your website are they finding the helpful information that leads to a trusting and profitable relationship?

This year I vow to practice what I preach and do my content well. Heck, I could do your’s, too.

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