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What We Do

Cool Spring Creative helps businesses and individuals pinpoint the best possible story to tell, then we use targeted storytelling through words and photography to communicate to the chosen audience.  Here are a few of the areas where we have specialized experience. 

Educational Institutions

I’ve written over-arching and daily content for public and private educational institutions, and I’ve also been a teacher and an administrator in my professional career.  I understand the terminology and I know how to communicate with all of the communities who are connected to a school or district.


Regular communication with parents, students, and your faculty/staff about day-to-day operations and special events is vital to keeping people informed and connected.  Let me help you design a communication strategy that will help you build an informed community.

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New businesses always know what they are selling, but creating a story that connects to the reader is vital.  This is where I thrive. I can help you write a narrative that will engage readers, connect you to potential customers, and put you on the right trajectory for early success in your new endeavor.

Old Industry

My most recent employer was a manufacturing company with tremendous skill and 25 years of positive customer interaction.  The problem was, they had no way to engage new customers. In my first three months on the job I rebranded and renamed the company, built an all new website with fresh copy and photography, and started three new social media platforms. We saw a 30% increase in sales in the two following years, most of which came from new customers.


Even if you’re a fantastic company making great products you still need to tell your story regularly and in the right voice to continue to grow.  Let me help you determine what story to tell and what path to take.

Religious Organizations

As a lifelong Christian who has worked on the inside of churches, I understand the struggles with keeping parishioners informed and connected.  


Writing meaningful content to inform regular members as well as those who are searching for a church home can be tricky.  But there is a way to do it well. Let me help your congregation plan a content strategy that will engage and grow your body.

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