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Who We Are




I’m Stephen Colwell.  My life has been molded by the mountains, a God who never stops trying to make his voice heard, and a family I couldn’t do without.


I love the outdoors completely.  I’m a backpacker, fly fisherman, rock climber, and an all-around outdoor junky.  I love the work I do, but I work to live. I spend a lot of my time on my family’s small acreage raising chickens, growing fresh food in our massive garden, and planning for the upcoming hunting seasons.


I’ve lived all over the country in my 39 years (12 moves to nine states), and I’ve traveled a fair bit internationally.  This transient lifestyle has taught me that people everywhere are made of the same stuff. We’re all searching for joy and working to make the next day a better one for ourselves and the ones we love.


Community and relationship are incredibly important to me, and the focus on these two things is what has made me into a great storyteller.  I’ve learned to connect people on a human level, not just for capitalistic gain. Most weeks you’ll find my calendar filled with dinners hosted at our home, church get togethers and time with the neighbors, because living life with people is what makes the days worth doing.

(Portrait by Molly Harmon Photography)

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